• "Design-centric methodology"

    CIO, High Tech Manufacturer Client
  • "We gained 40% efficiency"

    Director, Financial Client
  • "Delivered on time"

    CIO, Fortune 500 Manufacturing Client

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Making it simple

“We are amongst the few who understand that BUILDING is a great symbol. The IDEA of a perfect solution, team or a company lives in all minds. We EXIST to build these ideas into a SIMPLE reality for our clients.The solution I deliver is a statement of my life.”



We believe in meeting client expectations. All team members are stake holders in the project.For every task completed, the client/task owner will be requested a feedback. The feedback will determine the final bonus percentage earned by the individual/team/stake holder.Thus,delivering the highest quality to meet client expectations is our SLA.

Consulting redefined

We implement,support and optimize IT and business solutions at fixed cost with money back guarantee (FX model)for fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Please note our FX model is applicable after the first project or first 6 months of specific Client engagement.

Open Kitchen

We believe in staying on the same page or the open kitchen policy.The Client will have 100% real time visibility to every related task/action/collaboration and more done within the NABROS environment.


Projects delivered on time


Support tickets completed


Design centric transitions


Satisfied Clients

Expertise and Services

Solution Design

Designing of a solution carries a 60% priority and effort. Be it support task, bug fix, a project or process re-engineering: the design will define the foundation on which the solution will be built.Keeping “it” simple starts here!

Project and Task Management

Our Project/Task Management protocols are based on the need for on time delivery from the RACI team-responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.

Configure and Develop

We believe in “standard”,”out of the box”,”plug & play” approach:architect and develop the technology based on core platform fundamentals utilizing existing functionality with minimum customization.

Change management

We understand it’s natural for anyone to continue in their comfort zone with limited changes. Our priority is to ensure we create stake holders in end users to management in every process. As owners of the solution the client team adapts to new simplicities.

Testing and Training

From unit testing to user acceptance testing, the training on new processes and technology is also accomplished. The change management protocols are applied at this stage to ensure a smooth transition of the ownership.

Risk Mitigation

With centralized knowledge-base and communication portal plus ensuring at least one back up resource per team member, NABROS has mitigated IP and resource risks.

Team & Skills

Partners,SME’s,PM,Functional and Technical team members

Functional/BA Team

68 Members with 96% On time delivery rating: Understanding business challenges, designing solutions, configuration, tech spec and more

Core Technical Team

65+ Members with 97% on time delivery rating: Architect, Tech Lead, DBA, Developer, Techno-functional,Systems Analyst


68 Members with 98% On time delivery rating: Subject Matter expertise, Manage delivery, Manage client, Design solutions, COnfigure and more

Consultant Rates Starting at $10/hr.

We believe 80 to 100% of the travel can be reduced with proper planning and web/video meetings.


Subject Matter Expert
​Project Manager ​
Functional Expert ​
​Technical Expert
​Testing Expert ​​
Support Analyst

On Time Delivery %

​97 to100%
​97 to100%
​97 to100% ​
97 to100% ​
97 to100%
​97 to100%


Starting at $60/hr.
Starting at $50/hr.
Starting at $40/hr.
Starting at $35/hr.
Starting at $30/hr.
Starting at $25/hr.


Starting at $40/hr.
Starting at $35/hr.
Starting at $30/hr.
Starting at $25/hr.
Starting at $20/hr.
Starting at $10/hr.

Our Subject Matter Expert’s consulting Rates can be as high as $750/hr.


We follow the sun – 24/7/365!!


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